From Having The Time To Being Able To Pursue Your Purpose and Live The Abundant Life?


Meet Other Entrepreneurs to start being a "WE" Focused Entrepreneur and stop being a "SILOED" Entrepreneur !

AND Become Exponentially More Productive In Less Time By Leveraging Time NOT Managing Time!

Yes Mia! I'm ready to Learn to Let Go To Be Able To Live The Abundant Life Through My Gift of Time

“I thought I was done being a business owner. I thought 
I was burned out. Mia helped me realize I was looking at my business
and my time all wrong.”

- Stephanie Fleming

As a SILOED Entrepreneur We Are Time Deficient Because You Are...

  • The “Go To” Person
  • ​Depleted Because You’re Constantly Reactive
  • ​Burnt Out from Doing too Much
  • ​Wasting Time and Money
  • ​Over Planning and Underperforming

As a WE-FOCUSED Entrepreneur We Are Time Efficient and Can Have...

  • Time to Focus on your Purpose
  • ​Freedom to Design Your Life
  • ​Greater Value for Your Money
  • ​Joy Because You are Focusing on Your Passion
  • ​Courage to Take Healthy Risks and Make Gains
In Five Short Days You'll Learn...

ROT TO GET AN ROI : We want you to immediately give you a ROI (return on investment) by giving you a ROT (return on time). By you giving us some of your time we want to give you a gift of time in return with a surprise Bonus.

WHO am I now? By Mastering Your Mindset you can learn to let go of the un-important and focus on the most important.

WHO should I be? By discovering your purpose you can solidify your innovative role. 

WHO can help me? By focusing on elements of freedom you can achieve sustainable, scalable and replicable growth.

WHO can I learn from?  By applying the Mastermind concept taught by Napolean Hill we can go further faster by leveraging the collective mind.

Meet Your Mastermind Guide

"When I Started to Empower others and Focus on What I SHOULD Be Doing...Magic Happened."

- Mia Paulus

Founder of The Centr

The first and only outsourcing company to develop a Teamsourcing model specifically for Innovative Entrepreneurs looking for Scalable, Sustainable and Replicable Solutions. 

Author of Purposeful Focus in Business

A book dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find and achieve purposeful focus by clearly understanding their purpose, values and vision that drive their success.

Innovation Driven Entrepreneur

From sleeping in her office to leading a highly-successful, 100 percent virtual empire Mia understands the value of being true to your vision.

Outsourcing and Entrepreneurial Expertise

With over 15 years of outsourcing experience and meeting with 1000's of entrepreneurs Mia has an intimate understanding of each phase of business growth.

Fellow Entrepreneurs...

We've created a SILOED (SOLO) culture. Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Influencers, Virtual Assistants , Social Media, Metaverse 🤯. Teams and working together are becoming a lost art

Business continues to get more complicated
than ever before and we risk losing the innovative spirit within us all as Entrepreneurs. 

Customers and employees are demanding a seamless experience and the multiple channels to communicate with them are becoming difficult to manage alone.

Creating a sustainable, scalable and replicable business is becoming challenging. 

Many of us are ready for the abundant life where we don't want to have to choose between growth in our company or freedom in our life but the current solutions available aren't working.

Now more than ever we need to stick together as Entrepreneurs to find the best way to stay innovative, build the best systems and processes, create the best automations, and hire the best teams all while staying agile

We have untouched our capacity as Innovative Entrepreneurs

It is lonely at the top, but by masterminding together we can go further faster by leveraging the collective mind.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT with other Entrepreneurs to Keep Innovation Ignited where we are redefining how businesses operate and how we spend our time!

Your Partner In Business,

Mia Paulus
Simply Serving Entrepreneurs

P.S. You No Longer Need to Go At This Alone!

Over the years I have been interviewed on many topline news outlets ranging from NBC's Today show to Dateline. 

Being interviewed by Mia is more like sitting outside on the back porch having drinks sharing innovative and authentic ideas with a like minded leader who sincerely cares. 

She is extremely personable, engaging and has the ability to make you feel a part of the conversation verses answering a list of questions. 

Her ability to bring out energy in you is only second to her ability to connect in a light-hearted and fun way. 

I would suggest any entrepreneur be available for her next event!

- Troy McClain - Tovuti

We each have a unique purpose–BUT we need to have the TIME to pursue it.

In 5 short days you can learn that freedom comes from empowering the "WE" and letting go of the "SILO".



Reclaim Your Gift Of TIME

You No Longer Have To Choose ...

Between Growth in Your Company or Freedom In Your Life!  

Discover How How Get 64% of Your Results With Just 4% Effort!

1 Who Should Sign Up For Mastermind My Time?
Any Grit-It-Done Entrepreneur looking to harness the gift of time! You have the ability to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from all over who've faced similar challenges as you. More than anything I feel called to serve entrepreneurs! If I can simplify business by giving you more time for the important things what difference will that make in our lives, our family, our community and the world. 
2 How Do I Access The Challenge?
We will be masterminding together in a Zoom Call but we will also be broadcasting Live in the Facebook Group. Watch your email for more information. Starts at 12 ET and will go for 1.5-2 hours. 
3 What If I Can't Be There Live?
Not a Problem! We will keep the mastermind replays in the Facebook Group for a few days so you can catch up!
4 What are the Free Prizes?
We loves giving away items during our masterminds including a 3 month membership to Teamsourcing, tickets to Mia's Purposeful Focus in Business Workshop, and so much more! 

Find the QUICK-WINS, Learn to LET GO!, Reclaim your Gift of Time
By Mastering Time and Not Letting it Master You! 

with Mia Paulus long-time Entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of a virtual 
Teamsourcing company The Centr.


Are you too overwhelmed to do even the simplest of things in business?

Clarity is CRUCIAL…

Want a clear pathway forward?

Clarity begins with understanding.

Understanding is achieved when you become a
WE-FOCUSED entrepreneur. 

Once You Know that Your Purpose is Worthy of your Time...

It Makes All The Difference

  • You learn there is nothing shameful about not being able to do it all.
  • You stop feeling guilty that you asked someone to do something for you.
  • You stop feeling guilty when you say "no" more. 
  • ​​You pay attention to what you are actually spending your time on.

YES Mia!

I Want to Learn How to Become a 
WE-FOCUSED Entrepreneur for FREE

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